5 Eco-Friendly House Design Ideas

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Implementing eco-friendly house design ideas helps you to save money and energy. It also comes with many health benefits and a good feeling associated with preserving the environment. Eco-friendly designed houses are also very safe to live in. Here are five eco-friendly home design Ideas.

Design Your House To Have Cool Air And Access Direct Sunlight

To have a neat and well-lit house, you need to consider the location and direction. Avoid building your house facing west. If it faces this direction, the chances are that it will not be cold enough. You should also avoid building your house in a place where there is shade since you will be living in rooms that cannot access direct sunlight.

Design Large Eco-Friendly Doors And Windowsdhgbdhdb

Doors and windows allow your house to remain fresh and well aerated. Consider opting for a big front door which is made of eco-friendly materials such as wood among others. Windows too should be ideal for your zone of climate and should be installed at an angle that allows maximum light into the house. When you are buying windows for your home, choose energy Star-rated windows.

You can avoid air conditioning and save money by installing glass panels at the window bases. The panels help in admitting breezes thus bringing in cold air.

Consider Installing Out Insulation

A house that is well insulated is highly effective at preventing loss of air and heat to the outside atmosphere. This means that when you protect your home, you do not require a heater and so you save a lot of money and energy.

Use Roofing Materials From Recycled Resources

dgdvdgdWhen designing an eco-friendly house, choose roofing materials that are obtained from recycled resources such as aluminum or bamboo roofing. Aluminum is reusable, and heat resistant hence keeps your house cool. Bamboo roofing is eco-friendly since it is sustainable and renewable.

Use Of Solar Panels For Solar Energy

Installing solar panels when designing your house is a great eco-friendly idea. Solar panels produce solar energy which is renewable, cheap and clean. You should use it for water heating and lighting purposes in your house but remember different solar panels are useful at various locations. Therefore, you should do research to find out which solar panel works best in your geographical location.

Please note that when you are choosing light for your house, consider eco-friendly options such as LED and CFL.