Ph Lamps and Their Benefits

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Lighting is vital for any home, offices or public structures and you will notice Ph lamps in many of these places. This type of lighting has grown in popularity as it reduces the amount of glare that one can find in standard light fixtures.

Different Types of lightingrieoi

There are so many designs and types of lamps and shades that you can find on the market today. They differ in shape, size, and color. Usually, people would just use standard products, but for those who do not like too much glare and a more mellow lighting feel, the ph bordlamper is a favorite. It diverts the glare downward so that people will not be blinded by it.

History of this design

Poul Henningsen designed this lamp between 1925 to 1916 for an exhibition that was to be held in Paris. He continually strived to develop glare-free lighting, and this was his best design. In total, you will find 21 models of this lamp and three have been designed for use outdoors.

The Models

These lamps come in two different sizes one is the 2/1 which has a shade which is about 20 cm in diameter while the 3/2 one has a 30 cm diameter. Most of the variants available were launched rather recently and had many additions like being chrome plated.

Many different sizes have been added to the range over time, and each one is suitable for different rooms or use outside.

The prices

The prices of these lamps will also vary depending on the size and the refinements. You will also find duplicate products of this item available at a lower price, but they may not be made from the same quality materials that are used in the original versions.

If you want to purchase genuine products, you should only get them from reputed suppliers so that it will give you the lighting that it is intended to provide.

a02Where to buy?

You can buy this product at reputable lighting fixture stores and also online from reliable suppliers. Be careful that you are not tricked into buying a product that looks like the genuine thing but is counterfeit. Reputable suppliers will give you a guarantee of the item being original, and the price will be in accordance with what the manufacturer offers.


The Ph lamp is a quality product and will help light up a room or space minus the glare that is emitted by other types of lighting systems.