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Stucco is one of the most popular finishes for lots of residential and commercial structures these days. Originally, stucco was made from water, sand, and lime. Nowadays, it is made from water, sand aggregate, and Portland cement, which serves to bind all the materials together.

Stucco is commonly applied wet to a certain surface, where it is then left to harden. In most cases, it takes two or three layers for the proper application. For the first layer, a trowel is used to create the scratches that are required for the second layer, which is known as the “brown coat.” Once the second layer is finished, the third one, known as the “finish coat” is gradually applied. Once the entire process is finished, stucco can be applied to concrete, stone, brick, adobe, wood frames, as well as a plethora of other materials.

Highly durable and resistant

22odhgoiuStucco is a finish of choice for many builders, thanks largely to its toughness, strength, and resistance against all kinds of weather conditions. Also, it is also highly resistant to fire and rust as well. Since it is highly breathable, there is no risk of rot occurring, as the moisture can freely pass through the material.

Flexible and adaptable

Another great advantage of stucco is its level of flexibility and adaptability. As a result, it can be used for a large number of architectural types and styles. Many builders also choose to add pigments to stucco, so as to change its color. Additional textures can also be made to make it look like wood, stone, or brick. It is well-known that stucco was even used in ancient times, mainly for the creation of reliefs and other architectural designs. If needed, a large variety of materials can be added to Stucco, so as to increase its flexibility and enhance its durability.

It can suffer damage too

However, just like every other building materials, stucco can also suffer damage over time. Holes can appear, as well as notable cracks. In addition to these, chipping can also happen, especially around the corners. Even though the appearance of holes and cracks is usually seen as a building’s natural aging process, it can also indicate a more severe foundation problem. If there are any signs of damage, stucco should be immediately inspected by a stucco repair expert, to determine the root of the problem and correct it as soon as possible.

Immediate repairs

Whenever there is a hole or a crack, immediate repairs are necessary to prevent further deterioration and additional damage. Due to the holes and cracks, water can easily enter a structure and cause rot, as well as a host of other structural problems. These, in turn, can lead to heavy repair expenses and severe environmental risks.

Professional services

flejtijpRepairing stucco with various DIY techniques is heavily discouraged, given the complexity of the process, especially if colors and textures must be matched. Mishandling the entire process can only lead to further problems and damages. That is why the best course of action is to hire the experts. A professional contractor will inspect the structure in great detail, provide a highly accurate feedback in regards to the problem and repairs and, of course, conduct the entire repair project.