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How to negotiate when selling a house

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The center of negotiation between a home seller and the potential buyer is an agent. The agent knows the seller’s situation as well as the buyer’s situation which gives them the ultimate upper hand as well as control over the negotiations. That’s why it advisable to work with a reliable and professional agent when you are selling your house. The agent can influence the negotiations by providing the right information. As a professional agent, I buy houses in under 10 days through on a guaranteed cash basis.

Negotiating over the sale of a property can be fun, exciting and enjoyable or it can be daunting, intimidating and an entirely negative ordeal. The basis of all negotiating is the people involved and their motives within the negotiation. Here are some tips to help you negotiate effectively when you are selling a house:

Aim for a win/win situatyugyufdtfchchion

No matter what the buyer’s situation is, always aim for a win/win. Even with aspects like urgency, be rational with your requests as it might be you someday that may find yourself in their position. Adopting a win/win attitude generally makes for good business. You will feel good if you have helped someone while you have helped yourself at the same time.

Use urgency to your advantage

If the seller is in a position where they have to sell their home quickly, use this as a tool in your negotiation. Urgency has a funny way of creating flexibility when none existed before.

Be open minded

A buyer may have a particular request or condition in the contract. Always be open to considering these circumstances as it is sometimes the small things that can make a successful sale. Even factors such as price can be irrelevant if there are any unusual requests or conditions.

Think creatively

If one proposal is not successful, try to think of other solutions for the problem whereby everyone achieves their primary motive. No doesn’t really mean no. It just means you might have to be a little more creative in your price or offer or with any conditions in the contract. Try to ask yourself how you can make things work.

Keep positive

dguvgyjgfyjugyIf you are genuinely interested in selling, keep your mind focused on a successful outcome, the result that you wish for. Saying things like “we will never sell it for that price” might become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Adopt an attitude that it is meant to happen, and it will happen.